Here is a list of my Equipment Recommendations for an interactive and engaging art room:

1. External hard drive to store working digital portfolios
2. Digital cameras to upload to our online art gallery and stop motion animation (pict of 1st graders using our old digital cameras to make these)
3. Flip video cameras to make videos, interviews, reflections, record teachable moments (see our "Making Bunnies Boogie" stop-motion tutorial)
4. Green screen for video effects (product I bought)
5. Lights for digital videos or images (we used lights for high contrast images for our artist statements)
6. Scanner/printer/copier all-in-one
7. Speakers
8. Usb microphone (usb mic I purchased) and wireless mic (wireless mic I purchased)
9. Graphic tablets (class set plus one blue tooth tablet) Helps students w/ limitations.
10. Interactive whiteboard (touch sensitive or stylus) (drawing over photo to help students draw better in their artwork)
11. Projector-ceiling mounted
12. Document camera (I use the IPEVO as a doc camera)
13. Web camera (built into my mac-use with photobooth-can substitute IPEVO as well) (great for augmented reality-see picture)
14. DVD burner-to submit movies to festivals See our award winners here.
15. CD burners (on all portable laptops for burning Digital portfolios)
16. Access to portable laptops
17. iPod Touch-for the apps and more (teaching with iPod using iPevo to enlarge)
18. Desktop computers (for instructions and technology centers)
19. Tripods (mini tripods for table top use and one large one for videos)
20. High quality video camera (I have Kodak Zi8's and Kodak Touch and Play)
21. SDHD video cards for cameras
22. DVD player/VHS player that plays through mounted projector
23. iPad (with projection dongle to instruct class on apps) (example of using the Brushes App) (video of kids working on iPads using Brushes)
24. Interactive clickers (can use an app on ipods) for assessment, surveys, quick responses. (See picture of students taking exit test in art)
25. iPad can now be wirelessly mirrored through our Apple TV, HDMI-->VGA converter to talk to my old projector, and HDMI male to HDMI male cable.
See the items purchased here and me teaching wirelessly here. See a snapshot here. See the video here.

MAC Software I use often:

1. iPhoto- to quickly label, crop, rotate, and enhance photos. I can also export directly to Artsonia with their plugin (Example of students editing on IWB) Watch this time lapse to see the process.
2. iMovie 11- to easily edit video, add special effects like chromakey (green screen), picture in picture, and split screen (view or Fugleflicks here)
3. Keynote (part of the iWorks package) - I use this software to teach digitally, make graphic design projects with students, make collages, and animate movies
4. Photo Booth- I use it to record video or photos of students quickly, make custom effects to match our projects, and use the effects for art making.
5. Mimio studio (mac or pc)- to make interactive lessons, draw digitally with students (example of all class collaborative animation)
6. Garageband- to make original audio recordings for our Fugleflicks (see behind the scenes video)
7. Artrage-works great for showing value drawing and layering (example value drawing with Artrage)
8. Animation-ish- great interface for students to quickly learn to animate (video of students animating)