I start my school year and finish my school year in similar ways, with interactive review games.
Here is the game I used to review the rules at the beginning of the 2011-12 school year.
Students had the choice of either reading the question/answers out loud or clicking the video to hear me read it for them.
This worked out great for my young emergent readers all the way up to fifth grade.
The last slide of the file is a matching game. I used images of art projects from last year. They pop balloons to reveal the image and inflate the balloons if they didn't find a match.

Download this mimio file here.

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Watch my students play the quiz game here:
We played an interactive quiz game to review the classroom ru... on Twitpic

Watch my students play the matching game here:
When we were done reviewing #art #arted rules we played a mat... on Twitpic

And watch this student reap the benefits of paying attention in class:
The more you pay attention the better you get at this #art #a... on Twitpic